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I’m Sandun Sandamal Ruwanpathirana, 35 yrs old, male from Matara, Southern Province. I have done several jobs in my career life even overseas. Within all the experience I’ve realized I can be handy on working with computers. Therefore, I started to work as a Freelancing Digital Marketer in Matara Area. I don’t say I have succeeded, yet I do my best to become the one I want to be… I developed web Sites(Word Press) and consulting, who need social media support to grow their business. I know I’m good at consulting people, So I explained everything that they need to know. Then what eventually happened in every gathering is they obtain the knowledge to do that and I lost the opportunity. That’s what makes me still becoming whom I want… I’m not an expert in Digital marketing, But I know how to manage the situation as a Digital Marketer. I hope I’m in the right place to become the one I want…

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