Online Entrepreneurs Club or OECSL initially known as Fiverr Club started on June 15th, 2012 with the collaboration of few freelancers who worked on Fiverr and many other freelancing platforms. Since then the group has grown bigger day by day as now we have several thousands of active members and still growing. The new name “Online Entrepreneurs Club” and a new logo introduced a couple of years back because the diversity of the current community is spread over all markets on the internet. Some most popular online industries among group members are Fiverr, Adsense, Forex, Affiliate Marketing, Third party service providing, etc.



Create young and innovative E-entrepreneurs who are actively contributed to the development of our country in many ways while making their future extremely wealthy.



We empower young IT enthusiasts with knowledge, Show them unsaturated & profitable online market opportunities, Guide and support them to standalone and make their focus on their social responsibilities.