Who We Are ?

Online Entrepreneurs Club is the Sri Lanka’s biggest and leading community for Freelancers and Online business founders. We have more than 10 years history with experience in many eras of E money industry.

Currently we have more than 40,000 members who are interested in Online revenue streams and more than 10,000 active members involved in Full time or part time freelancing, Online Business and IT startups.

Our main goal is to empower Sri Lankan young generation with the global knowledge and trends on digital businesses. Support them to start their own, grow bigger and become an successful Digital Entrepreneur along with the time.

Get in touch with us

Jon Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is the most active medium and easiest way to get a support, merge withe community and stay updated.


What we do

We support, Connect and Encourage the community.

We support the community in many ways by organizing local events, sharing the knowledge, creating space for communicate with similar mindsets.

We have created many online and offline channels to get connect with resource persons in the community and team up when necessary.

Everyone will love to listen your success story & Experiences. We have created a better space to tell your story to who get the most out of it.



Freelancing is the best and easiest way to get on board online market. Start your own online business and grow with experience.

Fiverr is on of the world biggest digital services selling platform. You can sell any of your skill online such as Graphic design, SEO, Web development, Etc

If you got skills in web development and content writing, Adsense would create you n awesome passive income with less maintenance. Check our forum for more details.

Start your own e commerce store on E bay. Sell anything you want to millions of customers all around the world. 

Most used

Freelancing platforms

Fiverr 70%
Adsense 65%
Ebay Dropshipping 40%
Forex 30%